Welcome to OCAC

The Ovarian Cancer Association Consortium (OCAC) is a forum of investigators of case-control studies of ovarian cancer, formed in April 2005. Many groups are conducting studies with the aim of identifying genes that may be related to the risk of ovarian cancer. The aim of the group is to combine data from many studies, to provide a reliable assessment of the risks associated with these genes.

  • OCAC is an international multidisciplinary consortium that meets annually and has successfully worked together and produced numerous publications.
  • A steering committee has been established to guide the activities of the group and conducts conference calls between the annual meeting.
  • OCAC has established itself as essentially the only functional venue for large-scale validation of ovarian cancer susceptibility polymorphisms.
  • OCAC has developed guidelines for genotyping to insure the quality of data between participating institutions. Data that does not meet these standards are excluded from OCAC analyses.
  • Each study has submitted information about its study subjects including demographics, clinical data and key epidemiological risk factors.
  • Many participating studies are also part of the Ovarian Tumor Tissue Analysis (OTTA) Consortium.

OCAC cannot provide advice or information on ovarian cancer to individuals or members of the public. Information on ovarian cancer is available on the Cancer Research UK website and the American Cancer Society.

OCAC is currently funded by the OCAC Principal Investigators (PIs).

Previously, OCAC has been funded by the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF).